ML p(r)ior | Classifier Assignment by Corpus-based Approach

Classifier Assignment by Corpus-based Approach

This paper presents an algorithm for selecting an appropriate classifier word for a noun. In Thai language, it frequently happens that there is fluctuation in the choice of classifier for a given concrete noun, both from the point of view of the whole spe ech community and individual speakers. Basically, there is no exect rule for classifier selection. As far as we can do in the rule-based approach is to give a default rule to pick up a corresponding classifier of each noun. Registration of classifier for each noun is limited to the type of unit classifier because other types are open due to the meaning of representation. We propose a corpus-based method (Biber, 1993; Nagao, 1993; Smadja, 1993) which generates Noun Classifier Associations (NCA) to overcome the problems in classifier assignment and semantic construction of noun phrase. The NCA is created statistically from a large corpus and recomposed under concept hierarchy constraints and frequency of occurrences.

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