ML p(r)ior | Bootstrapping A Wide-Coverage CCG from FB-LTAG

Bootstrapping A Wide-Coverage CCG from FB-LTAG

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A number of researchers have noted the similarities between LTAGs and CCGs. Observing this resemblance, we felt that we could make use of the wide-coverage grammar developed in the XTAG project to build a wide-coverage CCG. To our knowledge there have been no attempts to construct a large-scale CCG parser with the lexicon to support it. In this paper, we describe such a system, built by adapting various XTAG components to CCG. We find that, despite the similarities between the formalisms, certain parts of the grammatical workload are distributed differently. In addition, the flexibility of CCG derivations allows the translated grammar to handle a number of ``non-constituent'' constructions which the XTAG grammar cannot.

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