ML p(r)ior | Symbolic Optimal Reachability in Weighted Timed Automata

Symbolic Optimal Reachability in Weighted Timed Automata

Weighted timed automata have been defined in the early 2000's for modelling resource-consumption or -allocation problems in real-time systems. Optimal reachability is decidable in weighted timed automata, and a symbolic forward algorithm has been developed to solve that problem. This algorithm uses so-called priced zones, an extension of standard zones with cost functions. In order to ensure termination, the algorithm requires clocks to be bounded. For unpriced timed automata, much work has been done to develop sound abstractions adapted to the forward exploration of timed automata, ensuring termination of the model-checking algorithm without bounding the clocks. In this paper, we take advantage of recent developments on abstractions for timed automata, and propose an algorithm allowing for symbolic analysis of all weighted timed automata, without requiring bounded clocks.

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